Working with your Architect

Kirkpatrick's Construction provides a no cost consultation with all of the project decision makers including architects and designers. Our goal is to listen and understand the objectives and to answer any questions you may have. We feel it is important for our clients to be involved in the process during the conceptual phase so we may collaborate on solutions to any challenging site conditions.

Pre-construction services are not intended to be used as part of a competitive bid approach but rather as a tool for our clients to receive a clear and complete gauge of the scope of work and budget when working with an independent architect or designer.

Pre-Construction Agreement

A pre-construction agreement is based on the plans prepared and provided by your architect and provides the means for Kirkpatrick’s Construction to provide you with a comprehensive outline of the scope of work with a high/low investment budget.

Conceptual Plans – Plans not fully detailed by your architect only allow Kirkpatrick’s Construction to provide an estimate - to the best of our ability - by reviewing existing site conditions with the aid of our trade partners. At this juncture we are able to provide solutions to any challenging site conditions and suggest value engineering options to ensure the investment budget is viable.

Complete Construction Package – Building plans and details including structural and product specifications provided by your architect enable Kirkpatrick’s Construction to perform a thorough cost analysis and provide a fixed-price construction contract with a construction schedule reflecting all phases of work.

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