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At Kirkpatrick’s Construction, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional client contracting experience that truly sets us apart. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering extraordinary service, ensuring that your project receives meticulous attention to detail, full-time supervision, and utmost care.

With a culture centered around heroic client service, our Project Leaders, Project Managers, Accounting Staff, and client Service Team consistently go above and beyond to surpass your expectations. From beginning to end, we aim to make your remodeling journey a truly enjoyable one, guiding you through a transformative process that will leave your space looking remarkable.

Embark on the extraordinary with the Kirkpatrick’s Way and elevate your project to new heights!


client SERVICE

At Kirkpatrick’s, our commitment to unparalleled client service is ingrained in our company culture. Our clients take precedence throughout every step of the project journey and beyond. With over two decades of experience and a track record of successful completion of hundreds of projects, we’ve refined numerous best practices and streamlined operational systems. Consistently, our clients provide glowing testimonials that commend our entire team, spanning from talented designers and adept project managers to skilled craftsmen and dependable trade partners. Our unwavering dedication stands as a testament to our client-centric approach.

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We breathe life into your project during our collaborative design process. Our refined and proven approach delivers creative and innovative designs. Many clients or those they know have faced negative experiences with design and remodeling. We firmly believe that your journey in design and remodeling should be pleasurable from start to finish. We carefully curate our clients’ experiences to ensure a delightful and enjoyable process.

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Allow Kirkpatrick’s expertise to walk you through our design and remodeling process step by step. We are passionate about working with our clients and want them to benefit from our years of experience and knowledge. We have developed a solid reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget all while providing an enjoyable experience.



We firmly advocate for full-time project management as a fundamental element to guarantee a prompt, comprehensive, and delightful remodeling journey. Our dedicated project managers orchestrate every aspect of your project, liaising with trade subcontractors, coordinating vendors, overseeing material deliveries, and ensuring necessary county inspections. Our weekly meetings serve as a vital platform where we engage with our clients, reviewing the week’s progress and providing a snapshot of the upcoming weeks, outlining what to anticipate. These meetings play a pivotal role in maintaining alignment among all involved parties, fostering clear communication, and ensuring a cohesive remodeling experience.


Experience the Kirkpatrick’s Way and let us take your space from ordinary to the extraordinary!

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