General FAQ

How long have you been in business?

Kirkpatrick’s Construction has been in business since 2002, working exclusively on residential design/build remodeling projects.

Are you licensed and insured?
Kirkpatrick’s Construction is proud to hold a Virginia Class A license. We also carry liability, worker’s compensation, and catastrophe insurance. Please go to the Commonwealth’s licensing website to review the status of any contractor you may be considering:

Do you work in my community?
Kirkpatrick’s Construction works in Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William Counties, Falls Church and the Cities of Alexandria and Fairfax and other Northern Virginia areas. We have completed numerous projects in all of these jurisdictions. Visit Our Project Gallery

What steps should I take before pursuing a design/build remodeling project?
As owners you should evaluate your long term plans for the house, decide how the improvements will enhance your lifestyle, establish your investment range, establish your priorities, and ensure you are working with professionals that can accommodate your needs. There are different approaches owners can take in working with professionals to assist in the design and construction of their project. Visit our process page.

What is the typical return on investment for remodeling projects?
Go to for national and regional data from Remodeling Magazine.

Design Build FAQ

What is Design/Build Remodeling?
It’s a team based approach that positions the Design Team and Construction Team as a collaborative unit working together with the Owner to properly plan, design, and construct the project. One of the greatest values of the Design/Build approach is the extensive pre-planning/troubleshooting, evaluation of the site and review of the project in 3D, full-color renderings prior to finalization of the construction documents. There are many variations within the Design/Build approach and it is important to partner with a Design/Build company that inspires trust and confidence and provides the best overall fit for your project.

How does Kirkpatrick’s Construction approach Design/Build?
Our approach to Design/Build construction is based upon the following principles:

Effective use of time. Your time and our time is valuable. We facilitate productive meetings and provide the necessary facts for informed decision making.

Importance of schedules. Our process meets our client’s needs from start of design to completion of construction.

Innovative design. Professional renderings and simple, easy to understand plans and specifications are provided.

Straightforward contracts. Our fixed-price contract complies with State and Federal requirements and includes a payment schedule tied to construction milestones. Our contract also includes State required forms such as the Cancellation Notice, and Lead Disclosure Pamphlet.

Respect – Kirkpatrick’s Construction core value. From design to construction we never lose site of our responsibility to work within your investment budget.

What about change orders?
Change orders are generally disruptive to the flow and scheduling of our projects. Thus, contrary to popular belief, we prefer to have zero change orders and do our best to anticipate the issues that may require a change order during the design phase. However there are: Unforeseen conditions – These typically represent items that are not visible to us prior to beginning construction such as dry rot damage, previous code violations, and structural deficiencies which generally manifest during the demolition phase of a project. If these occur, they generally do not represent more than 10% of the construction contract. Additional requests for work – These are owner generated and typically increase and/or decrease the scope of work. Our collaborative process encourages our clients to make us aware of these items prior to construction so that we can include them as part of our planning process and contract. Allowance adjustments – In the event product selections have not been finalized prior to the start of construction we provide budget amounts (i.e. allowances) for these items. Once the product has been selected and purchased we adjust the allowance amount, which can result in an increase/decrease to the contract.

Construction FAQ

What hours do you work?
Our typical work week is Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm. We generally do not perform work on weekends or major holidays. These hours of operation are usually acceptable for specific Neighborhood, HOA, and County/City requirements.

Who is my point of contact during construction?
Every project is assigned a Lead Carpenter who is responsible for day to day operations and communication for your project. Your Lead is available through mobile phone and email. In addition to the Lead Carpenter the Project Manager will meet with you weekly to discuss project status, scheduling, and any other items that arise. In addition, the Lead Carpenter and Project Manager are supported by our office staff to ensure immediate response to any questions. All emails and/or voice messages will be returned within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

What quality can I expect?
Kirkpatrick’s Construction’s reputation for excellence is based upon the high quality of work we produce. This is supported by the numerous rave reviews by our clients and the awards we have obtained for our remodeling work. Our company culture instills pride of workmanship at all levels including Project Managers, Lead Carpenters, Carpenters, and our Trade Partners. We apply quality control measures at key construction milestones and perform a thorough walk through with our clients at project completion to ensure 100% satisfaction.

How do I know how to operate and maintain the new products and finishes installed as a part of my project?
We provide you with a project notebook that includes all manufacturer information such as maintenance, operation, and warranty data. In addition, when we hold our project completion walk through with our clients, we make sure you are familiar with the basic operational features of new appliances and fixtures. Kirkpatrick’s Construction’s quality control process includes follow-ups with you at both the 6 month and 1 year anniversaries of the completion date to address any warranty items related to the work performed.


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